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16 picture sets

tagebook: travels, castor, cat: New York, Venice, Budapest, ...

pictures of New York City, the Venice Biennale, a short trip to Budapest, pictures of the CASTOR in Berlin and on TV, Kopenhagen, Joseph the Cat... these are 'the other pictures' - pictures i could / would not put in any of the other folders ... pictures that could be part of my diary - if i only had one... at the moment twelve sets of pictures.. still growing! -> stay tuned.

New York City: Manhattan: sights, views, skyline

New York City: Manhattan: sights, views, skyline

61 pictures of different views and sights and skylines between Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Builing...
New York City: Brooklyn: Greenpoint

New York City: Brooklyn Greenpoint

on our NYC-trip in April '05 we had the great opportunity to stay in 'Brooklyn Greenpoint' - a nice, comfortable, and rather quiet area...
New York City: Water Towers

New York City: Water Towers

Manhattan's wooden water towers are actually not as famous as other sights...
New York City: Empire State Building

New York City: Empire State Building

pictures of and from the top of Manhattan: the Empire State Building...
New York City: Brooklyn Bridge

New York City: Brooklyn Bridge

pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo, New York City...
Castor Transport to Gorleben

Castor Transport to Gorleben - NIX3 '97

only now I found the time to scan the first set of 31 Lomo Pictures I took on the third "Day X"...
Venice Venezia

Hot Trip to Venice / Biennale

the Biennale was reason enough for us to travel to Venice...
Budapest Short Trip

Budapest Short-Trip

one can only guess how beautiful and how rich Budapest must have been - long time ago...
CASTOR Alarm Berlin

castor alarm berlin

dirty deeds done dirt cheap...
Kopenhagen Round Tower

Copenhagen - view from Rundetårn - the Round Tower

if the weather is nice, you may enjoy a very nice view from the top of the Rundetårn - the Round Tower of Copenhagen...
CASTOR Alarm on TV

-=X=- Castor Transport Wendland 2001 TV -=X=-

i do protest! as long as i can think! against unnessessary transports of nuclear waste, against nuclear power in generell, against all this bullshit...

Degree Show Flügge 01

Degree Show Flügge 01

pictures of the Degree Show of the Berlin HdK/UdK Design Department 2001...

Degree Show Installation

Degree Show Installation

Preparations for the Degree Show of the Berlin HdK/UdK Design Department 2001...

amsterdam 2000 | doors of perception

Amsterdam 2000 - "Doors of Perception"

with the 'digital class' to Amsterdam to the conference 'Doors of Perception'...

kipsari aliens helsinki '999

TAIK/UIAH - Kipsari Aliens '999

a cafe in the basement of the University for Arts and Design TAIK/UIAH in Helsinki - Finland...
Josef the Cat

Joosef the Cat

the cat is called Joosef and it lives together with Liisa and Tuomo in a woodden house in Vallila, Helsinki, Finland...

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