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91 panorama pictures in 6 sets:

Berlin Europa-Center

Berlin Europa-Center

two indoor 360°x360°-panorama pictures of the Berlin Europa-Center (2003) ...

Ruka (Kuusamo (Finland (Winter '003-'004)))

panorama set Ruka (Kuusamo (Finland (Winter '003-'004)))

seven 360°x360°-panorama pictures from Ruka (Kuusamo (Finland)) - winter 2003 - 2004 ...

Venezia - Venice Biennale 2003

panorama set Venezia - Venice Biennale Summer 2003

seven 360°x360°-panorama pictures taken in Venice during the Venice Biennale (summer 2003)...

Finland - Summer 2001

panorama set Finland Summer 2001

21 panorama pictures from Finland, summer 2001
- Helsinki, Tampere, in the Woods, at the Lakes...

Helsinki - Finland - Winter '999-'000

panorama set Helsinki - Finland winter '999-'000

30 panorama pictures from Helsinki, Finland (mostly taken in winter 1999-2000)...

Berlin -homezone- Prenzlauer Berg +Mitte

panorama set Berlin -homezone- Prenzlauer Berg

24 panorama pictures from my -homezone-, a linked walk through my neighbourhood in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg...

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