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pictures of live concerts of different favourite bands...:]

Neoangin (Jim Avignon) @ Schloß Lanke

Neoangin (Jim Avignon) @ Schloß Lanke

a very friendly gig - at an almost child friendly time...
Viola @ Semifinal

Viola @ Semifinale Helsinki

cosy christmas preparation concert at Semifinal Helsinki - even Joulupukki a.k.a. Santa Claus showed up...
PLUXUS and JEANS TEAM @ Tacheles

PLUXUS and JEANS TEAM @ Tacheles

what a beautiful evening like a Bubble Bobble Bonus-Level...
The Strokes @ Columbiahalle Berlin

The Strokes @ Columbiahalle Berlin

as expected - quick - and dirty :) ...
bye spy

bye bye, Spy

probably the very last concert of this wonderful berlin Brit-Pop-Band...


first concert of farmsen since a long time. rock'n'roll...

Komeit in Bastard

long time ago - but still so...

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