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monitor tv pictures
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pictures of monitors, screens, cameras and tv's in five digital photo galleries in six rather digital Photo-Galleries: watching the world cup, people with Cameras @ MoMA New York, Stanley Kubrick exhibition opening, Nam June Paik exhibition Berlin, my New TV and the Berlin Love Parade '99 on TV: TV is the key! :)

The Pigeon Game - 16 pictures

The Pigeon Game

For the past two years Annie Heringer has been documenting the men and women who continue to race homing pigeons in New York City. Itís a tradition thatís been passed down from generation...

watching football - world cup tv - 18 pictures

watching football - world cup tv

I managed to avoid the really big screens - but of course I couldn't avoid all the 'watching the game'-action: almost every bar, café and even in many fast food stands were equiped...

ibm pc |†'my' personal computer - 21 pictures

ibm pc |†'my' personal computer

..of course it was not "my" first computer - but the first one I could work with. My brother chose it, my parents bought it - and I could play with it. My first games I had to programm ...

New York City: MoMA Cameras - 24 pictures

New York City: MoMA Cameras

taking pictures of people taking pictures of art work at the Museum of Modern Art New York...

stanley kubrick exhibition opening: people, movies, monitors - 27 pictures

stanley kubrick exhibition opening: people, movies, monitors

First of all: if you have the chance to see this exhibition: see it! An impressive collection of all the movie memorabilia you can think of: documents, photos, objects and (of course...

some paik works at  Nikolai-Church, Berlin - 28 pictures

some paik works at Nikolai-Church, Berlin

... at least some of the works of this very international media artist were presented by some french car company at the Nikolai-Church in Berlin....

my 'new' TV - 159 pictures

my 'new' TV

..wasn't really new - and not really a 'TV' - but.. `.´ .. at least the sound of this poor machine was still quite ok, so studing 'new media' at mediaLab at that time,...

Love TV '99 (or: I just love my TV!) - 55 pictures

Love TV '99 (or: I just love my TV!)

TV is the key! Actually, the Love Parade used to take place only about 1000m from my room.. - ..or you could also say that the Love Parade was all around me.. - this time I just turn...

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