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pictures from Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara
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> japan pictures

some pictures i took on a trip through japan - in early spring 1999.
pictures are mostly from Tokyo, but some also from Kyoto and from Nara


japanese sights

my Japanese Sights

some sights, and things i thought they were sights, mainly from Tokyo and Kioto ...
japanese views

my Japanese Views

some views, mainly on Tokyo and Kyoto, some taken from tall buildings, some under ground...
man machine

Man and Machine / people and robots

pictures of people and machines (and machines taking care of people - and people taking care of machines)...
fish market

Tokyo Fish Market

one of the greatest ... but not the biggest of all fishmarkets of Japan ...
people ® people

people ® people

people - are people... and everybody's looks 'the same' - but different...
signs logos pictogramms

signs logos pictogramms

the beautiful thing about japanese typography is, that it is so beautiful...


some selected details of this and that (and toilet seats)...
inside views

inside views

some inside views - from some very different buildings...

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